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Interior designers have a reputation that is not always positive, and often deservedly so. Sometimes it's the "my way or the highway" designer, sometimes those who use vague descriptions that involve flailing of arms, or worse yet, the condescending designers that warrant this view. I can honestly say that I am none of the above. Here is what I am...

I am a practical designer. My designs have to work for the client and the function of the room or space. What good is a beautiful room if it doesn't work for daily living? But then again, a room can be technically functional and yet it's ho hum... or even worse, unattractive or disconcerting. Those rooms don't work, either, because beauty is important to be comfortable. I use AutoCad (computer aided drawing) in my floor plans and elevations, which enables me to send "to scale" pdf's to clients and subcontractors. I try to work out all the details so that there are no unpleasant surprises halfway through the job.

Just as importantly, I am an artist, and approach designing rooms and spaces the same way I would a painting. They have the same considerations as far as composition, color, warm vs. cool, scale, texture and repetition. Have you ever walked into a room and thought "wow" and "ahhh" at the same time, but couldn't put your finger on why? Those are the reactions I aim for with every room I design, and they happen when just the right proportions of each of those elements are in place. It's not a mathematical thing... it's a talent that is helped by a good amount of inspiration and passion from loving what I do.

I am a happy, positive person and a woman of my word. I try to see things from my clients' point of view and make sure that the job is about them, not me. I won't be living in your house; you will, and you need to be thrilled with how it comes out. The best reward for me is hearing my clients exclaim with delight when the job is finished and they couldn't be happier.

I am experienced. I started in design in 1997 and have had my own business since 2003. I've got amazing workrooms, installers and service and product providers that do beautiful work, have gorgeous products and make me look good. I've got a beautiful portfolio that you can see on this website. One of my more elaborate designs was published in Dream Windows, and I have been featured in several magazines. But most importantly, I have many, many happy clients whom I consider my friends.